Never Stop Learning!

Our Spanish programs are not only for children. If you want to keep your mind young, you must keep exercising that brain of yours; but you might as well do it surrounded by nature, perhaps mixing it up with a little surf or some incredible adventure or nature activities. Plus, it’s a great immersive learning opportunity; you can go for lunch at the local “soda” (small family-owned restaurant) and practice those newly acquired Spanish skills.

Adults can participate in our Group Spanish Lessons, 4 hours/day, 5 days/week. We also offer adult Private Lessons at $34.56 /hour (with a minimum of 5 hours/week). All Private Lessons are given in the afternoon. Times are limited, so registration in advance is required.

Also, if you want to use those vacations to get specific language skills for your profession, we can set up specific professional Spanish curriculums.

The Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica is a dry forest area. This means that it gets the least rain and mostly sunny days, even during the green season. You can visit the natural wonders of the region such as volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers and beaches. We will raft, zip line, horseback ride, kayak and hike along with other adventure activities.

  • Ages: 18+ yrs.
  • Duration: Weekly
Spanish Class
  • Spanish classes are held at our private Spanish Institute in Tamarindo Beach
  • Classes are Monday to Friday 
  • All students are given a language evaluation to determine their level and then split up into classes that best fit their abilities

2024 Rate:

  • Adult 2hours/day group Spanish program: $285/week
  • Adult 4hours/day group Spanish program: $495/week
  • Adult 2hours/day group Spanish program & surf: $740
  • Private lessons: $34.56/hour (with a minumum of 5 hours/week)